January 2023: Jack Hehn

AAPT, College Park, MD

Jack Hehn

  • Member since 1971
  • AAPT Senior Fellow
  • College Park, MD

About Jack

Early in my school years, I knew that I liked to teach. I attended the University of Texas, where Robert Beck Clark and Robert Little (past Presidents of AAPT) encouraged me into high school teaching. I spent five years at Lamar High School in Arlington, Texas, before joining the University of North Texas staff in 1976 with a specialization in preparing teachers.

I joined the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) in the Fall of 1971 when I was at the University of Texas. I was active in the Texas Section of AAPT from 1972 to 1992 as a high school teacher, a university teacher, and a two-year college teacher. Attending AAPT meetings has been and will be one of the best events in each of my years. I joined the national office of AAPT in 1992 as the Associate Executive Officer. I wanted to impact as many physics teachers as I could. I have met and networked with thousands of physics teachers through AAPT and the American Institute of Physics (AIP). I acknowledge so many good friends and colleagues.

I enjoyed teaching. As I matured in my career, I realized I was very interested in preparing and supporting future physics teachers. I have worked on several National Science Foundation (NSF) projects supporting teacher and curriculum development. Three of those projects were PhysTEC (2000), TYC21 (1993), and ComPADRE (2002). As the guide to PhysTEC, I believe that college and university physics departments should accept the responsibility of preparing and supporting high school physics teachers in any area near them.

I have undertaken the HEHN family charitable Trust to support physical science undergraduates and future teachers with scholarships and programs. Observing students developing their ideas and learning is one of the most rewarding experiences that I can imagine.