AAPT-ALPha Award Submission Instructions

The AAPT-ALPhA award has been paused until Spring 2021. During this time, a taskforce will be reviewing the award and its goals and will make recommendations to improve it. Please come back to this page in Spring 2021 for an update.

The AAPT-ALPhA Award is a newly established award that will recognize “outstanding work in the development of an advanced laboratory apparatus or experiment by an undergraduate physics student at his or her home institution.”  The detailed description of the Award may be found at https://advlab.org/aapt-alpha-award. Please read all information about this Award carefully.  Note that portfolios are due September 30th.

The (optional) submission of a Preliminary Prospectus to the Award Committee will alert the committee to your plans, and in return, the committee will give you early feedback on the eligibility and suitability of your project. Submission of this form does not obligate you to complete the project, nor does it replace the eventual need to submit a full ‘application portfolio’ upon the project’s completion. Note: faculty should submit the preliminary prospectus.  Students are expected to submit the final Portfolio.

The Application for the Preliminary Prospectus is outlined below.  It is to be completed by the faculty mentor and submitted online (see link below).  Questions 1 – 4 must each be answered in 200 words or less.

You can expect a response from the committee within two weeks after submission.  The committee response will be by email to the faculty mentor.  The prospectus will be given one of the following three ratings:

  1. This is an appropriate project
  2. This is not an appropriate project because...
  3. The committee needs more information to decide on the projects appropriateness. Please submit more information on...

Preliminary Prospectus Submission Form


Contact Information:

Jeremiah D. Williams, Chair, AAPT-ALPhA Award Committee
Phone: 937-327-7825
Email: jwilliams@wittenberg.edu