2011 Apparatus Competition Winners -AAPT.ORG

Winners were announced at the 2011 Summer Meeting in Omaha, Nebraska.

1st Place and Low Cost ($1,000)


"Programmable Fan Cart"

Eric Ayars

California State University, Chico




2nd Place and Low Cost Award($600)


"Light Absorption and Pulse Oximetry"

Misti Byrd, Justin Dunlap, Casey Norlin, and Ralf Widenhorn

Portland State University


3rd Place ($200)


"Laser Light Scattering from Stretched High Density Polyethylene"

John Zwart & Matthew Vande Burgt

Dordt College




Additional Low Cost Award ($100)


"Laser Excitation of a Fluorescent Ruler"

John Zwart

Dordt College