2018 Apparatus Competition Winners

Winners were announced at the 2018 Summer Meeting in Washington DC.

2018 Apparatus Competition Booklet

1st Place ($1000)

"Wireless Power Transmission using Pancake Coils"Wireless Power Transmission using Pancake Coils

Stephen P. Hiller
Lewis University





Second Place ($100)

"Ultrasonic Ear with Transmitter"Ultrasonic Ear with Transmitter

Paul Noel
Yale University





Third Place ($100)

"Newton's Third Law, Internal, and External Force Demonstrator"Newton's Third Law, Internal, and External Force Demonstrator

Jennifer Groppe
Maret School





Low Cost ($100)

"Hall Switch Enabled EM Pulser"Honorable-Place_Low-Cost_Hall-Switch-EM-Pulser_web

Stephen Irons
Yale University