2019 Apparatus Competition Winners

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Winners were announced at the 2019 Summer Meeting in Provo, Utah

2019 Apparatus Competition Booklet

1st Place Prize ($1000)

+additional $100 as low cost
"Parametric Speaker"
Paul Noel
Yale University

Parametric Speaker entry by Paul Noel
2nd Place  Prize ($600)

"Remotely-Controlled Browser-Based Apparatus Enabling Low-Cost Elementary Optics"
Quinn Manning, Garrett Tieng, and Maksim Smolin
Henry M. Gunn High School

SM19 Apparatus by Quinn Manning et al
Third Place Prize ($200)

"Something NEW from Something OLD: A Tool for 
the Optics Lab"
Toni D Sauncy
Texas Lutheran University

Third Place - 2019 Apparatus Competition - Sauncy

Low Cost Awards


"Apparatus for teaching the refraction of light by fluidic lenses formed by water-walking insects"
Reuben Leatherman, Justin Dunlap, Alex Chally, and Ralf Widenhorn
Portland State University


"3-in-1 Centrifugal Effect, Coriolis Effect, Thermal Instability" and "Glycerin Flow in Double-Layer and Color Addition"
Said Shakerin
University of the Pacific


"3D Printed Roberval Balance Improvements" and "Adjustable Laser Pointer Holder"
Paul Nord
Valparariso University