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2013 High School Photo Contest Top 100 Gallery

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  • "Light Of Music"

    Bhavana Shyamsundar

    quince orchard high school

    Teacher: Cindy Hollies

  • "Reflection and Balance"

    Srisurya Sidharthan

    Intech Collegiate High School

    Teacher: Dr. Kawamura

  • "Sand Not So Trapped"

    Ana Claire Sinicariello

    Shaker Heights High School

    Teacher: Doctor Joseph Marencik

  • "Bubble Surface as Concave Mirror"

    Zohe Beth Slack

    Albany High School

    Teacher: Valerie Risk

  • "Veterans? Reflection in Vietnam War Memorial, Honoring the Lives of Fallen Friends"

    Alyssa Marie Stedman

    West Fargo High School

    Teacher: Michelle Strand

  • "The Moon in Waxing Crescent"

    Edward Sunder

    Georgia Cyber Academy

    Teacher: Betsy Sunder

  • ""Magic" of the Sahara"

    Katherine Helen Surko

    Bethesda Chevy Chase High School

    Teacher: Matthew Jacobs

  • "Colourful Spots"

    Shen TianJiao

    Nantong Middle School

    Teacher: Ya Chen

  • "Sun Dogs"

    Mari Lee Tonsfeldt

    West Fargo High School

    Teacher: Michelle Strand

  • "For the Love of Books"

    3rd Place, Contrived Category

    Christina Tran

    Glenbard West High School

    Teacher: Nicholas Szarzak

  • "Glass Beads Demonstrate Kinematics and Mixing"

    Nathan Edward Umbanhowar

    Evanston Township High School

    Teacher: Daniel DuBrow

  • "Interference"

    Kyle Arthur Van de Kamer

    Laguna Blanca

    Teacher: Mr. Chris Johnson

  • "Rainbow Bling"

    Sarah M Vargas

    Healdsburg High School

    Teacher: Rob Lee

  • "Bridge of Different Perspectives"

    Sarah Elise Wanjura

    Christ the King Cathedral School

    Teacher: Alicea Chaloupka

  • "Virtual Ride"

    Jessica Lynn Wayock

    Pope John Paul II High School

    Teacher: Mary C. Sevon

  • "93 Thousand Feet From Earth"

    Erika Marie White

    Pinnacle High School

    Teacher: Vargas

  • "Nice to See the Light Again"

    Emma Katherine Wilgenbusch

    Glenbard West High School

    Teacher: Nicholas Szarzak

  • "Angled Icicles"

    Katrice Amanda Williams

    Helias Catholic High School

    Teacher: Matt Zeitz

  • "Red Shadow"

    Nathan Palmer Young

    Glenbard West High School

    Teacher: Nicholas Szarzak

  • "Levitation"

    Frank ZHANG

    North Toronto Collegiate Institute

    Teacher: Mark Kinishita
































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