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2019 High School Photo Contest Top 100 Gallery

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  • "Rippling Effect Caused by an Obstruction in Laminar Flow"

    Andrew Jacob Ferrin

    The Academy of Engineering & Technology

    Teacher: Mrs. Stone

  • "Stack o' Rocks"

    Alyssa Mae Galang

    Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy

    Teacher: Ty Buxman

  • "The Suspended Spider"

    Chengsheng Ge

    Sanxin Bilingual School International Department

    Teacher: Ge Chengsheng

  • "The Chinese Rose"

    Chris Ge

    Sanxin Bilingual School International Department

    Teacher: Haoran Wei

  • "MyOptic Pig"

    Alex Gerber

    Evanston Township High School

    Teacher: Emily Habbert

  • "Musical Reflections"

    Alexis Rae Gil

    Wayne Hills High School

    Teacher: Erika Sherger

  • "Stressed Out"

    Lance Andrew Gower

    Brunswick High School

    Teacher: Heather Klein

  • "Half-Body Divers"

    Emily Kayla Grabovac

    University Transition Program

    Teacher: Dr. Lucy Shepelev

  • "The Rainbow Dog"

    Sophie Benjamin Grimm

    Cherry Creek High School

    Teacher: Whitney Mernitz

  • "Needle Ice"

    1st Place, Natural Category

    Floria Gu

    University Transition Program

    Teacher: Dr. Ludmila Shepelev

  • "Static Balloon v. Confetti"

    Gabriela Jacqueline Guerrero

    King Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science

    Teacher: Analyn Combis

  • "Unleashed"

    Alyssa Karen Hall

    Apex High School

    Teacher: Joshua Gurkin

  • "Phone-y Rainbow"

    Irene Han

    Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

    Teacher: Matthew Jacobs

  • "Balance in Brooklyn"

    Lillie Rose Jerome

    Chantilly High School

    Teacher: Leigh Muto

  • "Water Adhesion"

    3rd Place, Natural Category

    Yang Jiang

    Jakarta Intercultural School

    Teacher: Scott Graham

  • "Lights on the Scioto River"

    Lio Helen Jira

    Pickerington High School North

    Teacher: Doug Forrest

  • "The Spouting Horn: Hydraulic Compressor and Natural Phenomenon"

    Maija Ann Kangas

    Minnetonka High School

    Teacher: Mrs. Kim Hoehne

  • "Physics Rocks!"

    Chloe Diana Karp

    Glenbard West High School

    Teacher: Bruce Medic

  • "The Science of Surfing"

    Annika Marin Kernen

    Ashley Hall

    Teacher: Lillian Apple

  • "Jellyfish"

    Kiernan Colleen Kropinski

    West Chester East High School

    Teacher: Ronald Pedelty
































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