Other Activities

What Other Activities Might the Task Force Consider?

  1. Work with Project Kaleidoscope to run several regional conferences on undergraduate physics revitalization.
  2. Explore the possibility of developing an accreditation program for undergraduate physics programs.
  3. Consult with the Physics Education Research (PER) community on the design of assessment, identification of research needs, and mechanisms for dissemination of PER results that are important for undergraduate physics. Explore the possibility of having a Gordon Conference focused on PER.
  4. Work with engineers, life scientists, etc. to coordinate undergraduate revitalization efforts across the disciplines.
  5. Investigate connections with industry, business, etc. Focus on the breadth of physics both for the recruitment of potential physics majors and for "marketing" our majors to employers. Coordinate efforts with the APS Committee on Careers and Professional Development.
  6. Work with AIP's Physics Programs to develop and disseminate materials promoting undergraduate physics as excellent preparation for diverse careers.
  7. Work with the Council on Undergraduate Research to promote opportunities for undergraduate research participation in physics.
  8. Set up a working group on evaluation and assessment instruments; perhaps have consultants who can do the evaluation and assessment for various revitalization projects.