Section Representative

Colorado-Wyoming Section

Section Representative

Steven Iona (04/30/2024)

University of Denver


Cherie R. Bornhorst (04/30/2024)


Taylor Plantt (04/30/2024)

Fall Vice President

Zach B. Armstrong (04/30/2024)

Greeley West High School

Spring Vice President

Adam N. Pearlstein (04/30/2024)


Grant Denn (04/30/2024)

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Past President

Matt Leach (04/30/2024)

Douglas County High School

At Large

Cecilia Rae Dauer (04/30/2025)

Little Shop of Physics

At Large

Michelle Belleau (04/30/2024)

At Large

Nadene Klein (04/30/2024)

Daniel C Oakes High School

Web Master

Adam N. Pearlstein (04/30/2024)

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