Section Representative

Long Island Section

Section Representative

Tania Entwistle (01/01/2021)

Ward Melville High School


Edward McDaniels (01/01/2021)

Second Vice President

Gillian Winters (01/01/2021)

Smithtown High School

First Vice President

William A. Leacock (01/01/2021)

W.C. Mepham High School

Recording Secretary

William B. Lynch (01/01/2021)


Lauren Demery (01/01/2021)

Valley Stream North High School

Newsletter Editor

Terese C. Keogh (01/01/2021)

Manhasset High School

At Large

Justin Daniel King (01/01/2021)

Commack HS

At Large

Harry Stuckey (01/01/2021)

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