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Print Distribution Disruption of AJP and TPT

Distribution of AJP and TPT - Second Notice

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have temporarily paused the print distribution of The Physics Teacher (TPT) and the American Journal of Physics (AJP). This decision was made in response to restrictions on global distribution networks and requests AIP Publishing has received from institutional customers to hold print delivery while their staff work remotely. For AAPT members who have opted to receive the print version, please note that the journals will continue to be printed but will be securely stored until delivery is able to resume. In addition, online access is not affected, nor is the online publication of AJP and TPT journal content, so you can expect to see the journals publishing according to the usual schedule on the Scitation platform.

We apologize for this temporary disruption in service. We expect to distribute all held issues as soon as global distribution networks are again running smoothly.


David Wolfe

Director of Communications