Committee on Contemporary Physics

The AAPT Committee on Contemporary Physics is dedicated to increasing the inclusion of 21st century physics topics in high school and undergraduate education and to providing outreach to students and teachers, especially those from groups underrepresented in physics.


Committee Members

Marla Jane Glover, Chair (Term ending after WM2022)

Mariel Meier, Vice Chair (Term ending after WM2022)

Zac Patterson (Term ending after WM2024)

Randolph S. Peterson (Term ending after WM2022)

James O. Rantschler (Term ending after WM2024)

Jay J. Wang (Term ending after WM2022)

Shane E. Wood (Term ending after WM2022)

Robert C. Hilborn, Ex Officio

Julie McIntyre, Staff Liaison

Past Chairs

Deborah Roudebush (2021)