Incident Report for Violations of the AAPT Event Participation Code of Conduct

If you witness or experience inappropriate conduct at an AAPT event, including but not limited to the prohibited conduct described in the AAPT Event Participation Code of Conduct, please report such conduct immediately to Director of Programs and Conferences Tiffany Hayes [(301) 209-3340/]. If the individual is uncomfortable reporting the conduct to the Director of Programs and Conferences for any reason, the individual may report the conduct to AAPT's Executive Officer, Beth Cunningham [(301) 209-3311/] or Associate Executive Officer, Robert Hilborn []. Anyone experiencing or witnessing behavior that constitutes an immediate or serious threat to public safety at the Event is advised to locate a house phone and call and ask for security. He or she is not required or expected to discuss the concern with the alleged offender.

Please use this form for observers or targets of prohibited conduct to help with an investigation. AAPT will make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of any supporting documentation.

General guidelines for reporting incidents:

  • If possible, write everything down (times, places, nature of the incident, and comments made).
  • Save emails, notes, etc.
  • Be as detailed as possible.


(optional. needed in order for AAPT to follow up):

(If you are unable to provide a name, please describe the individual's physical appearance in as much detail as possible):

* Please complete the text box below to ensure you're a human.

AAPT will make every effort to keep the reporting individual's concerns confidential and will not deliberately share personal information other than to the investigator(s); however, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed (for example, although efforts will be made to reduce the chances, it may be possible to infer something about the person(s) involved based upon the situation under question).

AAPT can investigate situations that arise at AAPT Events and in AAPT-sponsored online communities provided in connection with such Events. If an Event participant experiences inappropriate conduct or harassment at the participant's own or another institution, at a place of work, at a research facility, or online but not via AAPT-sponsored channels (e.g., direct emails between parties) that individual should contact the individual at that location or the individual's home institution who handles such issues, such as the Title IX Officer, Dean of Students, Human Resources Director, mental health counselor, etc.