Room Share Information

Room, Ride Share and Daycare List

This service to attendees of our national meetings helps you find a potential roommate, share a ride or daycare responsibilites via an online process. AAPT is providing this service to help you and your colleagues reduce costs associated with participating in the national meeting.

If you are interested in any of these services for the upcoming meeting, add your name to the List (RSL) by completing the RSL registration form. After completing the form, you will be given an RSL ID number. To view a list of potential matches, log in using your RSL ID number. Once you have found a match, you will need the assigned RSL number to remove your name from the list. This is done by, logging in and clicking the "Remove me from the Room/Ride Share and Daycare List" link.

Note: If you have used this service before, please remember that you must re-register for this service with every new meeting.


Register for the Room/Ride Share or Daycare List

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