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Celia Chung Chow
Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, Connecticut

I joined AAPT in the 70’s when I started to teach physics. My reason for joining AAPT was and still is that as physics teachers we should share our experiences, methods, skills, and knowledge.  As teachers, our common goal is to seek a better approach to teach physics students who come from different backgrounds and who have been trained in different ways. Above all, I joined AAPT to communicate with my colleagues and receive critiques and compliments, etc.  Since we are in the same boat, it is nice to understand common problems and to find solutions. I have found that senior physics teachers are highly helpful, encouraging, and smart.

I have taught physics at Connecticut State University for more than thirty five years and I’m now a consultant and researcher.  I wish to share my experience with younger physics teachers the best I can. 

A few of my favorite things about teaching physics are talking to my students informally in physics lab, understanding their lives and physics questions, offering lectures to stimulate their thinking, and observing students’ happy faces when they get good results.

I’m a member of the New England Section of AAPT and have served on AAPT committees, most recently, the Committee on History & Philosophy of Physics.