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Bowei Liu

Fremont, CA

Mission San Jose High School

Grade: Junior


Violin, swimming


Math Club, Academic Challenge Club


USAMO qualifier (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010), ARML team high scorer (2008), USABO semifinalist (2008, 2010), CSSF qualifier (2009), National Science Bowl qualifier (2009)


I was born in Beijing, China, and I moved to the United States at the age of two. I remember being very interested in reading/language as a kid, and learned English to the extent that I lost most of my Chinese. One of the first books I got around to reading was a mathematics textbook. Naturally, after having read this book, I excelled in math in elementary school. I also got interested in competition math, namely the AMC 8/10/12 series. Eventually, as I got exposed to ARML and the AIME and other such problem solving competitions, I deepened my knowledge of mathematics and took the USAMO. I also went to AwesomeMath summer camp, and saw Allen Yuan and Patricia Li there.

I have been playing violin since I was 5, and currently enjoy it very much. I am a member of the California Youth Symphony, and have also played in the El Camino Youth Symphony. I like classical music in general except for piano music. I also play Ultimate with my schoolmates around once a week during lunch, and practice hitting each other on days when we don't play.

I got interested in physics last year with the physics team. As a freshman, I took the USAPhO test but didn't even get into the quarterfinals. Last year, as I studied physics for my science bowl team, I gained a sense of basic physics knowledge through Feynman's Lectures on Physics. I was quite surprised at making the team, but ended up having a great experience at Physics camp and learning enough material to get me on the Traveling Team last year. I went to Merida, Mexico and brought back a gold medal. This year, I'm hoping to do even better in Croatia.

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