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Andrew Zhou

San Jose, CA

The Harker School

Grade: Senior


Reading, Video Games, Rubik's Cubing


Policy Debate, Quiz Bowl, Science Bowl


US Physics Team 2009, AIME, USNCO, NACLO, USACO, JETS Teams, Intel/Siemens Semifinalist


I was born in San Jose, California on August 3rd, 1992 and currently live there today. In my childhood, I developed a love for learning that clearly still persists today, as evidenced by my participation in the US Physics Olympiad. My participation in academic competitions began in middle school with MathCounts and has expanded greatly since then; I have taken numerous science Olympiads since entering high school and am pleased to have achieved some degree of success with them.

My love for any type of academic challenge has also manifested itself in the courses I take at school. In math, I took Linear Algebra first semester and am currently taking a course on Number Theory. For science, I'm taking a research course to supplement the astrophysics research I did at UCSC over the summer, which was a fruitful and rewarding experience that exposed me to real-world experimental science. I'm also taking Advanced Topics courses in computer science this year: last semester I delved into a variety of different programming languages while this semester I'm learning about computer architecture.

My background in physics began in the freshman physics course I took three years ago. Though not a particularly challenging course, I came out of the class with not only a firm conceptual understanding of physics but also a passion for the amazing capacity of the field to explain physical phenomena. The next year, I got my first taste of the real challenges that physics could pose when I took AP Physics C, taught by Dr. Nelson, and discovered the true intricacies and complexities of the subject. Last year I managed to qualify to the US Physics Team and had a fantastic time at the training camp learning about a subject I love and meeting others with similar intellectual passions.

I look forward to attending camp again!

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