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An Introductory Online Laboratory Effort at Stony Brook University


A presentation from the 2017 Winter Meeting: Atlanta, Georgia


At Stony Brook University, we have piloted an online laboratory course in which students can take and analyze data all in the comfort of their homes. This is possible with the use of the iOLab device developed by Mats Selen and his colleagues at the University of Illinois. Eleven labs were produced for the first semester of the introductory laboratory course, four of which were unique to Stony Brook. Lab manuals and introductory videos were delivered to the students through the associated iOLab software. These online labs were proven to be much more accurate than the labs in the traditional in-class lab setting. The success of this class, in terms of student performance and motivation, was assessed through surveys, focus groups, and lab quizzes. Full implementation for the course is planned for the summer of 2017.


Nicole Cronin,

Thomas Hemmick,

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2017 Winter Meeting: Atlanta, Georgia

05:20 PM

Introductory Labs/Apparatus


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