Dorm Room Registration: Traditional style air-conditioned dorm rooms are available during the AAPT Summer Meeting at the University of Maryland College Park. Dorm rooms will include a hotel breakfast buffet and linens.

Dorm Registration Help - If you need assistance registering or have any questions regarding your dorm registration, please contact:

UMD Conferences & Visitor Services
Phone: 301-314-0324
Fax: 301-314-6693
Web page:


If you want to split the cost of the room you can find a roommate on your own, ask the University of Maryland to match you with someone or use the AAPT Room/Ride and Daycare Share List Form.


Wireless internet is available for $20. You will be able to access the wireless during your entire stay and from anywhere on campus. Wireless internet must be purchased through the AAPT  website when you register for the meeting. If you have already registered for the meeting and need to add the wireless, please contact AAPT at 301-209-3340 or


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Some photos courtesy of AAPT