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How do I become a physics teacher?
Each state has its own physics teaching certification process. To start, find a Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PhysTEC) partner near you and reach out to the physics department.
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The U.S. needs good physics teachers.
The U.S. needs you! More students are taking high school physics than ever before, and there are over 1,400 openings for high school physics teaching across the U.S. each year. However, the U.S. is producing less than half of that amount of highly qualified physics teachers each year! STEM education is vital to the health, safety, and security of future generations, and physics teachers are key to building an educated citizenry.

Learn more about U.S. physics teachers at the American Institute of Physics' Statistical Research Center
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Teaching physics changes lives.
You might be considering teaching because you have had an inspirational teacher. Or, perhaps you have had experiences as a mentor, guide, or coach, and you understand that teaching impacts the lives of others. Teaching is a deeply personal activity, and can change the course of a student's life for the better while being intensely satisfying to you!
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Physics teaching is a respected profession.
An understanding of physics is what first put humankind on the moon. Our world's loftiest goals, including energy conservation, effective management of climate change, nuclear security, and world harmony are all dependent upon physics. This is an era of STEM and engineering for all. There is no better time to be a physics teacher.
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Teaching physics is fun!
Physics teachers are known for their toys. More importantly, introductory physics courses typically allow students to manipulate the world and see its effects almost immediately. Physics is a core science discipline that can help students to see the beauty of the world while learning vital content, inquiry practices, and improving their critical thinking skills.
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Teaching physics allows you to be a life-long learner.
Physics is a rapidly expanding discipline, and new discoveries are made every year that are likely to have an impact on our daily lives, from engineering to quantum computing to gravity waves. Most school districts actively encourage teachers to be life-long learners through regular professional development and authentic research experiences.
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A career in physics teaching is flexible, secure, and has high earning potential.
Physics teachers have the option to use their breaks to engage in professional development and to have a balanced family life. Because of the high demand for qualified physics teachers, finding employment is relatively easy. Teachers who engage in advanced studies and who commit to teaching for their careers are frequently very well-paid.
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