A Journey Through the U.S. Physics Team Competition

Competing is not only an honor, but a monumental experience in students' early careers.

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Students who join the U.S. Physics Team have the unique opportunity to compete in an international arena of other passionate physics students their age. AAPT and the American Institute of Physics sponsor select students to go forward into the International Physics Olympiad Competition as a team representing the United States. Competing is not only an honor, but a monumental experience in students' early careers.


To enter the competition, students must take two summative tests. The first is titled F=ma, and the second, the USAPhO exam. Based on scores on these two exams, students can earn an invitation to compete for the U.S. Physics Team. About 4,000 students per year take the first level of exams. After a few rounds of increasingly difficult tests, only twenty students remain. Those twenty are invited to a two-week camp at the University of Maryland where they prepare to represent the U.S. at the International Physical Olympiad.


In the upcoming webinar, we have the privilege of hearing from Mike Winer. Winer has not only been a coach for the team, but served on the team himself for two years, in addition to his winning first place at the Intel Science Fair. Along with coaching, Winer is currently a third year physics students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Join the conversation at the webinar on May 8th to learn about the logistics of you or your students participating, ask questions, and hear Winer's exciting experiences with the U.S. Physics Team.


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