Science. Power. Policy. And You. (Pt. 2)

How to talk with Washington, D.C.

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You are the most influential person to your elected official and they want to hear from you.  You are the expert and a voice for your profession, your colleagues, and your students.  Elected officials need to hear from you, otherwise they may make decisions on complex issues, such as science and education, that are misinformed. Being engaged and having a long, productive relationship with your elected officials, whether you meet them in DC, in the district, or communicate online is important.

This June AAPT hosts the second in a two part series hearing from Dr. Bethany Johns on science educators in policy. View the first part of the series here. Attendees will leave with practical strategies and instructions on how to initiate effective communication with your elected officials. For example, AAPT has set up a Congressional Visits Day program to support you to engage with your policy makers while in Washington, DC for the 2018 Summer Meeting. Sign up here. The goal is to have as many AAPT members as possible meet with their representatives during the week of the conference to begin to establish relationships and dialogues that can continue throughout the year.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Your role in advocating for issues you care about most

  • What to expect in a meeting with an elected official

  • Planning for a meeting

  • How to schedule a meeting in DC or your district

  • How to conduct your meeting

  • Storytelling techniques to convey your message

  • AAPT Message to Congress

  • Follow-up after a meeting

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