WebAssign Practice Exams

WebAssign practice exams are open to everyone without a fee. In order to take the practice exam, see the following instructions:

  • Go to www.webassign.net
  • Click the "ENTER CLASS KEYbutton at the top of the page
  • Enter (aapt 6536 5028) as your class key. Anyone can use this key to access the class.
  • Click "Confirm to Register" (Instructor will be Jon Anderson)

  • Follow the instructions to create a Cengage account or link an existing WebAssign account.

Practicing & Administering the Exam

Students will be able to take past exams to practice how to answer questions in WebAssign. When the exam dates are open, none of the practice exams will be available.

The student's instructor or person proctoring the exam will have the password for the "PhysicsBowl" exam and should administer the test verifying that the student took the exam. Students will get just one attempt to answer all 40 questions.


For more details and information about the PhysicsBowl, please contact AAPT's Programs department at 301-209-3340 or programs@aapt.org