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Umbrella of Forces by Merak Tandon

Honorable - Contrived Category

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School: Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

Teacher: Matthew Jacobs

This image is portraying how different forces are acting upon the water. The water is being launched out of the bottle as the bottle is being squeezed from the bottom. This pressure in the bottle pushes the water out of the bottle. The entire time gravity has been playing a role in pulling the water down towards the ground. As the water comes out of the bottle which was holding the water within it, the water starts to fall down towards the ground. The reason why the umbrella shape is created is due to the pressure that builds up from the sudden thrust which burst the water out. The pressure from this sudden burst pushes the water out to a certain height after which point the gravitational force is more and the water starts falling down. The can can be seen in a water fountain as the water is pumped up and a similar umbrella shape is created.

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