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Newly Elected AAPT Board of Directors Officers Begin Service


College Park, Maryland, February 21, 2017. With the Presidential Transfer ceremony and the end of the 2017 Winter Meeting in Atlanta, the AAPT Board of Directors sees many changes with members of the Presidential chain rotating and newly elected officers taking on their new positions. Janelle Bailey transferred the President's gavel to George A. Amann from Hyde Park, NY. Gordon P. Ramsey, Loyola University-Chicago, became President-Elect and Mel Sabella, Chicago State University, stepped into his new role as Vice President.

Daniel Crowe, Loudoun Academy of Science, began his Board term as the At Large High School Representative. David Sturm, University of Maine was elected by the Section Representatives to serve in the role of Vice Chair of Section Representatives as his predecessor, Dyan Jones, Mercyhurst University, rotated into the role of Chair of the Section Representatives.

About AAPT
The AAPT is the premier national organization and authority on physics and physical science education with members worldwide. Our mission is to advance the greater good through physics education. We provide our members with many opportunities for professional development, communication, and student enrichment. We serve the larger community through a variety of programs and publications. AAPT was founded in 1930 and is headquartered in the American Center for Physics in College Park, Maryland.

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