Carl Curtis Duzen

Carl Curtis Duzen - Obituary

April 16, 2020

In 1975, Carl Curtis Duzen was an exchange teacher from California and landed at Lower Merion High School, a sister school to Harriton High School, where I was teaching. Carl and I met during a Southeastern Pennsylvania AAPT Section meeting that fall where Carl had become the section representative. It was friendship at first sight. Carl stayed in Pennsylvania and later died there on April 16, 2020. Carl was an exceptionally accomplished physics teacher. He loved teaching, he loved his students and he loved physics. With a twinkle in his eye, he would share that he had taught Koby Bryant about projectile motion. His lessons were always clear, correct, and often wrapped in a bit of humor. To share his experience and knowledge, Carl got me involved in traveling around the state doing workshops for fellow teachers as part of the AAPT/PTRA program. Carl was also an accomplished practitioner of the culinary arts, and friends enjoyed many meals at his home. One of his delightful dinners, was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer. In recent years, Carl has suffered from Alzheimer's. But true to his character, as his “work” he started recycling the copper from discarded electronic equipment. When Carl fashioned artistic forms with the copper, Susan Jewett, Carl’s wife, as an artist, recognized the beauty of his forms and became his framer and collaborator. You can see these at “Moment to Moment” Enjoy the video as you remember a memorable person who shared your love of teaching physics and life.

Remembrance by Jim Nelson