Kelli Warble is President of AAPT

Kelli Warble Serves as President of AAPT

Kelli WarbleAs the Winter 2024 Meeting came to a close the presidential gavel was presented to Kelli Warble.

She will serve as President of the American Association of Physics Teachers for the coming year. Warble has been a member of AAPT since 2012 and has served in several positions, including the Committee on Professional Concerns. Arizona State University Modeling Instruction Program and American Modeling Teachers Association, physics Modeling Workshop leader, co-developer and workshop leader since 1998, she became Arizona State University, Physics Teacher in Residence, Learning Assistant Program Coordinator, instructor for Fundamentals of Physical Science and Methods of Teaching Physics in 2012.

One of Warble’s goals is find "solutions to the challenges we will face as physics educators in the years to come. These are sticky problems, the path is uncertain, and the solutions are non-trivial. But I know my fellow teachers and colleagues in the AAPT and have been amazed again and again by what we can achieve when we work together as a community.”

A past member of the Meetings Structure Committee, Warble had also been a member of the Lotze Scholarship Committee, and the Programs Committee.