Committee on Professional Concerns

Mission Statement

The Committee on Professional Concerns works with teachers, professors, independent researchers, and graduate students to provide workshops, sessions, and other support so that they can do their jobs well with a good quality of life.



Committee Members

Jennifer Blue, Chair (Term ending after WM2021)

Jeffrey T. Hengesbach, Vice Chair (Term ending after WM2021)

Stephanie L. Bailey (Term ending after WM2023)

Helen M. Cothrel (Term ending after WM2023)

Kathleen Ann Falconer (Term ending after WM2021)

Ryan T. Sayer (Term ending after WM2023)

Kelli L. Warble (Term ending after WM2021)

Robert C. Hilborn, Ex Officio

Past Chairs

Eleanor C. Sayre (2018)

Bradley F. Gearhart (2019)


Mission Statement

  1. Provide a forum for AAPT members to discuss matters that affect physics educators professionally.
  2. Promote positive and efficient interactions amongst all Areas Committees toward identification and resolution of inefficient or inequitable professional environments.
  3. Make appropriate and effective recommendations to the Executive Board, other committees and the general membership.