Committee Members

Justine Boecker, Vice Chair (Term ending after WM2021)

Bree K. Barnett Dreyfuss (Term ending after WM2022)

Katya Denisova (Term ending after WM2022)

Jennifer L. Gimmell (Term ending after WM2021)

Mark S. Hannum, Ex Officio

Past Chairs

Marla Jane Glover (2018)

Charlene M. Rydgren (2019)

Eldred 'Jay' Bagley (2020)



  1. Provide a common meeting ground and opportunities for communication for high school teachers of physics and astronomy.
  2. Seek ways in which the AAPT can be of assistance to high school teachers, providing a channel of communication between the high school teachers and the Executive Board, Executive Office, Council, and membership of AAPT.