Committee on International Physics Education

The Committee on International Physics Education (CIPE) seeks and establishes collaborations with educators from around the world to share pedagogical and methodological practices in physics education at all levels and lay foundations for joint research.

Mission Statement



Committee Members

Leanne Doughty, Chair (Term ending after WM2022)

Richard P. Hechter, Vice Chair (Term ending after WM2023)

Danny Doucette (Term ending after WM2024)

Kathleen Ann Falconer (Term ending after WM2022)

Dan MacIsaac (Term ending after WM2024)

Robert C. Hilborn, Ex Officio

Julie M. McIntyre, Staff Liaison

Past Chairs

Genrikh Golin (2019)

Kathleen Ann Falconer (2021)

Katemari D. Rosa, M.Sc. (2021)



  1. Provide a channel of communication between the membership of AAPT and physics teachers and students in other countries.
  2. Facilitate active cooperation between AAPT, the International Commission on Physics Education, and other international groups concerned with physics education