This page will be updated periodically with important information about the 2020 F=ma exam, USAPhO exam, and the U.S. Physics Team training camp.


Statement regarding COVID-19

Dear students, parents, teachers and all supporters of the U.S. Physics Team,

We here at AAPT have been closely monitoring the rapid development of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and its impact on our program. We understand that many of you have worked hard and look forward to participating in the USAPhO competition and being part of the U.S. Physics Team. Meanwhile, it is important that we all minimize social contact to help curb the spread of the virus, and stay safe.

After much deliberation, we would like to provide you with a few updates:

1. The 2020 USAPhO will be postponed to April 28th. The date is chosen because, at the moment, most schools are scheduled to reopen by then.

2. We continue to work with the University of Maryland to identify several possible training camp options, as the community-building experience through this living-learning community has proven to be extremely valuable. We will try our best to make it happen, but would ask for your understanding in the case that the training camp is cancelled.

3. We will send you another update on or around April 21st as the events continue to develop.

We are grateful for your support of this program. We hope that by postponing the USAPhO to a later time, we can better protect our students and teachers, without having to sacrifice the opportunity to compete amongst the best U.S. high school students.

Meanwhile, we hope you all remain safe and healthy...


The F=ma exam results are available at this LINK!

Solutions for the F=ma exams are also available, January 23rd exam solutions are at this LINK, January 28th exam solutions are at this LINK.

Student scores are still being compiled, they should be available by the last week of February, and will be emailed to the exam proctors.  Student scores will not be given out over the phone at the AAPT office, students and parents will need to contact their teachers/proctors to find out their scores.

Teachers/proctors will be receiving an email by the last week of February, with a password protected link to check student scores.

The teachers/proctors who have student(s) that qualified to take the USAPhO exam will be receiving an email informing them which of their student(s) have qualified.  Please note that the date for the USAPhO exam is April 2, 2020.

A formal listing of students qualifying for the USAPhO exam, and the Medal Ranking for the USAPhO exam will not be posted online until after the USAPhO exam is completed.