AAPT Summer Meeting 2020 in Grand Rapids, MI

FAQ Page

Do I need to resubmit my abstract paper/poster?

If you had already submitted an abstract before the Summer Meeting was decided to be virtual, you will not need to resubmit an abstract. If you have not submitted an abstract, the updated deadline to submit an abstract is June 3rd. A post deadline session is not applicable for the virtual meeting.

How will abstracts papers/posters be presented?

We are currently working out the details of the summer meeting virtual program. You will soon be receiving detailed information on how to upload your pre-recorded talk or how to participate in a live session.

Will the PERC be taking place this year?

The PERC will take place this year. For more information please visit their website https://www.compadre.org/per/conferences/2020/

When will registration for the 2020 AAPT Summer Meeting open?

We are close to finalizing the registration details for the upcoming virtual AAPT Summer Meeting and PERC. We expect registration to go live within the next couple of weeks and will reach out to you with further details soon.

Will there be a registration fee for the 2020 AAPT Summer Meeting?

Yes, there will be a registration fee.

Please stay tuned to AAPT's website for the most updated information.



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