AAPT Winter Meeting 2020 in Orlando, FL

Sustainability and AAPT Meetings


AAPT is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and being more sustainable at our national meetings.  Sustainability has also become the central theme in 2020 for those in the industry of planning  conferences and events.  We are finding that attendees are demanding more eco-friendly practices. We are taking the following actions in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and be good stewards of the earth.



The technology changes we have implemented for our attendees are helping reduce the vast amounts of paper use to manage resource use.  We provide three options for attendees:

  • A meeting app that includes the program plus other important information about the meeting
  • An online version
  • A PDF version (coming soon)



We provide complimentary wifi in the sleeping rooms so that you can view information on your device rather than printing information.



Overall signage throughout the convention center will be minimized as much as possible. Instead, we urge our attendees to rely on the conference mobile app.  We used a local print shop to print our signs.   We also utilize “green signs” for events that repeat at each meeting.



In the future, we expect to eliminate  conference bags or provide an alternative option.


Food & Beverage:

All food and beverage served at conference meals will be purchased from local suppliers and producers whenever possible; any disposable food and beverage service ware will be biodegradable and compostable; and food that is prepared and safe for future consumption but not served will be donated to a food donation program, which then distributes to charitable organizations.  Serving bottled waters has been minimized by the use of water bubblers.



We often work with hotels who are also reducing their carbon footprint.  One recent program we participated in with Marriott Hotels was to encourage attendees to opt out of daily housekeeping service and opt in for the third day of their stay.  During the opt-in period, the guests would not have their linen or towels replaced until the third day, which minimizes water usage.



Your Carbon Footprint:

We want you to attend the AAPT Winter Meeting in person.  You’ll have the opportunity to network with other attendees and gain information that isn’t possible to do remotely.  However, we also want you to travel wisely.  We encourage you to calculate your carbon footprint so that you can choose the most efficient way to travel to the meeting.  Additionally, consider carpooling with other colleagues who live close to you if the meeting is within driving distance.  Here are several links to carbon footprint calculators:


Other Ways You Can Help:

There are a number of ways that you can help to reduce your carbon footprint and be more sustainable while attending the AAPT Winter Meeting.  Consider:

  • Bringing your own water bottle and/or reusable coffee mug.
  • Bringing your own bag for carrying daily essentials.
  • Carpooling to/from the meeting if you are not staying at the conference hotel.
  • Using the meeting app and avoiding printing all or part of the online program.  Be sure to download the app and/or online program ahead of the meeting.
  • Reusing your meeting badge holder.  Our sponsor PASCO provides a nice badge holder that can be reused multiple times!


Want to learn more about climate change and sustainability? 

Visit these resources (these sites are not endorsed by AAPT but are provided as starting points for more information):



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