Will wheel chairs and scooters be available during the conference?  

If you need a wheel chair or scooter during the conference, you can rent one from the Mobility Shop.  Quantities are limited, so don't delay and 72 hours notice is needed.  A scooter or wheel chair will be delivered to the front desk of your hotel. 

Rental Fees:
* $50 per day for a motorized scooter or wheel chair.
* $20 per day for a manual wheel chair.
* Minimum order is $100

Complete the online form to order your scooter today!.. https://www.themobilityshop.com/secure/reservations.php?location_id=4

Is it too late to submit an abstract to the 2014 AAPT Summer Meeting?

Post deadline abstracts will be accepted until May 16.  For more information on submitting an abstract, click here.

What does my registration fee include? 
A Full Meeting registration fee will include access to all non-fee based events from Saturday, July 26 through Wednesday, July 30.  A One Day Only registration will include the same access on the day you are registered for.  Fore more information, click here or call 301-209-3340.

Can I register onsite?
You are able to register for the meeting onsite, however we cannot guarantee that workshops and tours will have space available. Registration for all food function will close one week before the meeting.

Are speakers required to register for the meeting?
Member invited speakers and contributed/posters presenter are required to register for the meeting by Tuesday, May 20 in order to have the presentation(s) included in the program.

What do I wear to the meeting?

You will be doing a lot of learning, networking and walking, so casual dress is recommended. AND, most importantly, the most comfortable shoes in your closet!   It never hurts to bring a sweater, because the meeting rooms can be chilly.

Where do I pick-up my workshop leader packet?
All workshop leaders must come to the AAPT registration in Coffman Memorial Union and pick-up their registration packets before the start of their workshop(s).

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