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SM19 Apparatus Competition Support Files

3D Printed Roberval Balance Improvements
3-in-1 Centrifugal Effect, Coriolis Effect, Thermal Instability Adjustable Laser Pointer Holder
Adjustable Laser Pointer Holder
An Affordable Physical Pendulum: The Pipe Pendulum
Apparatus for Teaching the Refraction of Light by Fluidic Lenses Formed by Water-walking Insects
Cohesion in Granular Flow
Effect of Partitions on Glycerin Flow in Thin Enclosures
Ferrofluid and Labyrinth-Like Instability
Glycerin Flow in Double-Layer and Color Addition
Immiscible Fluids in Thin Enclosure and Shadowgraphs
Parametric Speaker
Remotely-Controlled Browser-Based Apparatus Enabling Low-Cost Elementary Optics
Something NEW from Something OLD-A tool for the Optics Lab
Sound Interference and Vibrations of a Wine Glass