eNNOUNCER May 2016


2016 AAPT Summer Meeting, Sacramento

Registration is now open for the 2016 summer meeting. Register before May 17 to receive the early bird discounted rates. Click here for more information.

The summer meeting agenda preview is now available online. Click here to view agenda.

High School Teachers Day
A special day has been prepared on Monday, July 18 for high school physics teachers that have never attended a national AAPT Meeting. Qualified teachers will receive a discounted registration fee of $85. Please click here for more information.

Award Winners
Paul W. Zitzewitz Award for Excellence in K-12 Physics Teaching - Tom Erekson
David Halliday and Robert Resnick Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Physics Teaching - Andrew Gavrin
Robert A. Millikan Medal - Stephen M. Pompea
Klopsteg Memorial Award - Margaret Wertheim

Homer L. Dodge Citation for Distinguised Service Award
AAPT has announced that the Summer 2016 recipients of the Homer L. Dodge Citation for Distinguised Service to AAPT will be awarded to Stephen Kanim, Kevin Lee, Dan MacIsaac, Mel Sebella, Kathleen Falconer

Plenary Speakers
Neil Gershenfeld , Director of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms
David Reitze , Executive Director, LIGO Laboratory

AAPT members: There’s still time to recognize the excellence of your students!

Don’t forget, as an AAPT member, you are eligible to participate in one of our most popular awards program.

College and university department chairs, who are current AAPT members can nominate two teaching assistants, and one learning assistant for recognition as an Outstanding Teaching/Learning Assistant. AAPT will list your winners on our web page, and award a complimentary, one year membership in the Association. Chairs can download and print attractive certificates for presentation, as well as letters of recognition, and sample press releases.

Any high school teacher, whose membership is up-to-date, can nominate up to three students, for the Outstanding Physics Student Award. As in the past, we will recognize your students on the web, and also provide certificates to download and print.

This popular member benefit not only confers prestige on your students, but also acknowledges your contributions to excellence in the physics classroom.

The deadline for all awards is June 30th! Visit the awards page at AAPT.org to submit your nominees.

AAPT Privacy Statement

AAPT has added an updated privacy statement to its website. A link to the document can be found at the bottom of each page next to the copyright link and under the About tab in the navigation bar at the top of each page.

Child Care Grants

AAPT has small grants up to $400 available for AAPT national meeting attendees who are bringing children to a national meeting or who incur extra expenses in leaving their children at home (i.e., extra daycare or babysitting services) in order to attend a national meeting. Applications must be received by June 9, 2016 to be considered by the Child Care Grant Selection Committee for a grant associated with the 2016 Summer Meeting. Click here for more information.

AAPT Member Spotlight

Joe Kozminski
Lewis University, Romeoville, IL
Read more

AAPT Career Center offers FREE postings

The AAPT Career Center offers FREE postings to employers recruiting seasonal interns. Locate the best fit for your organization by reaching the future of the science community - the AAPT membership, as well as the members and student members of the American Physical Society (APS Physics), AVS Science and Technology, and the Society of Physics Students and Sigma Pi Sigma.

Get the word out! Your posting will also appear on the Physics Today Jobs site, which when combined with the job sites of the organizations mentioned above forms the ultimate online science, engineering, and computing career network, ensuring maximum relevant visibility for your internship.

Visit jobs.aapt.org to get started.

Did you know that AAPT has co-sponsored seven career development webinars for its members?

Visit www.aapt.org to access recorded versions of them, with topics including interviewing, networking, and how to attend a scientific conference. Check back soon for topics, dates, and registration information for our 2016 events!

Computational Physics at AAPT Section Meetings

The Partnership for the Integration of Computation into Undergraduate Physics (PICUP) has a project for fostering faculty communities to develop computational integration at a local level. We invite any AAPT section with faculty interested in exploring computational integration into their courses to express its interest (if it has not already done so) in developing such a community. Any section member who feels that local faculty might have an interest in including computation in their courses may convey this interest. The venue for doing so is the following survey. This process begins by hosting an introductory workshop (e.g. at a regular section meeting) whose objectives are:

  • to describe a strategy for introducing computation in courses and illustrative materials suggesting how to do so;
  • to help participants envision their own computational educational materials;
  • to formulate individual plans for each to implement these designs as materials in at least one of their upcoming courses; and
  • to introduce them to a local support network to use for mutual collaboration in and support for their implementation efforts after the workshop.
We look forward to hearing from you via the following survey.

Nominate Someone for a Harold & Charlotte Mae Fuller Fund Membership

AAPT is committed to increasing the effectiveness of Physics education not just in North America, but all across the world. Thanks to the Harold Q & Charlotte Mae Fuller Fund, AAPT is able to give out a number of complimentary memberships to physics teachers in developing countries. The deadline of May 31st is quickly approaching, so if you know a physics teacher in a developing country, nominate them for an AAPT membership.

Have your Students Applied for a Yamani Membership?

Each year, AAPT awards several two-year Hashim A. Yamani AAPT Memberships, which are regular electronic memberships and include electronic only access to copies of the American Journal of Physics, The Physics Teacher, and Physics Today. If your students are planning to become a teacher, or have just graduated and started teaching, tell them to apply for a Yamani Membership today!

AAPT Programs

30th Anniversary of U.S. Physics Team

The 30th anniversary celebration of the U.S. Physics Team program is scheduled for May 27 - 28, 2016 in Washington D.C. A panel discussion with NASA leaders, Michelle Thaller and Ellen Stofan is planned. Dr. Sylvester James Gates will be the guest speaker at the celebration dinner, as well as a number of other festivities. Click here for more information.

Deadline Quickly Approaching for the 2016 HS Physics Photo Contest

It's not too late to register for the 2016 AAPT High School Physics Photo Contest! This is the perfect opportunity for your students to combine what they've learned in physics with their artistic side. Photographs can be entered in one of three categories: natural, contrived, or multiple images — for a chance to win a $100 cash prize. View the 2015 winners. The deadline for submission is May 15. Learn more!

The Frederick and Florence Bauder Endowment

The Frederick and Florence Bauder Endowment provides grants to support special activities in the area of physics teaching. The deadline for applications to request funds is July 1.

2016 AAPT PhysicsBowl Contest Results!

Results for the 2016 AAPT PhysicsBowl Contest will be available early May. Check Results Here!.

Annual Physics Department Chairs Conference

The 2016 Physics Department Chairs Conference will be held June 2-4 in College Park, MD.

Physics and Astronomy New Faculty Workshop

Physics and Astronomy New Faculty Workshop, June 20-23, 2016 in College Park.

Getting the most from your Membership-The 2016 AAPT Calendar, and the Physics Photo Contest!

Is your 2016 AAPT Physics Photo Contest Calendar prominently displayed? Do you need more for yourself, or even a gift? Members can order up to 3 free 2016 Calendars from The Physics Store, and pay only a small mailing fee. And don’t forget to order the 2015 contest poster as well.

The 2016 Photo Contest opened March 1st. As a member, you are eligible to submit up to 15 entries at no charge. Non-members must pay $5.00 for each photo submitted. This is a great way to teach your students the physics of the everyday world, as well as showcasing your accomplishments in the classroom.

In the News

Join us at PhysCon: The 2016 Quadrennial Physics Congress

Help send your students to PhysCon November 3-5, 2016 in Silicon Valley, CA. Renowned speakers include Jocelyn Bell Burnell and S. James Gates. Site tours of SLAC, NASA Ames, and Google X are confirmed. Fundraising kits are available for Society of Physics Students chapters. Don't miss this rare opportunity!

National Science Foundation STEM Video Showcase

The National Science Foundation STEM Video Showcase is happening May 17-23, 2016. The virtual event featuring more than 150 short videos highlighting innovative programs and advances in STEM teaching and learning is free and open to the public. I am hoping that you could help us extend an invitation to your members and encourage them to join the thousands of practitioners, researchers, industry leaders, scientists, parents, and students who will browse these videos and discuss them online with the presenters beginning May 17.

Find more information on the event at visit stemforall2016.videohall.com. In the brief video at the top of the page, presenters discuss the benefits of engaging in the virtual space.

Free Webinar on Outstanding Oral Presentations

Discover what a speech says about you, how to prepare, how to combat anxiety, and how to show confidence and poise. Moderator Alaina Levine will coach you LIVE, face-to-face, on-camera! Speaking, articulation, and projection techniques; interaction with the audience; and presentation issues specific to scientists/engineers and for science-based conferences are addressed. To access recorded versions of career development webinars on topics such as interviewing, networking, and poster presentation, visit www.aapt.org/Resources/webinarlanding.

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth is seeking physics instructors for its 2016 summer programs. CTY provides each instructor with a generous lab budget as well as a competitive salary, plus room and board if the instructor is assigned to one of its residential sites. Further information is available at http://cty.jhu.edu/jobs/summer

New 5+ Club Members

The Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PhysTEC) is pleased to welcome 12 institutions to The 5+ Club. These institutions graduated five or more well-prepared teachers in the previous academic year. Learn more about The 5+ Club and view the recipients on the PhysTEC website.

ALPhA Announcements

1. Barbara Wolff-Reichert Grants will provide up to $7,500, with a 50% departmental match, toward the purchase of a TeachSpin instrument successfully mastered by a participant in an ALPhA Immersion. Read more.

2. ALPhA Mining Actualization Grants were created by the Jonathan Reichert Foundation to underwrite the construction, testing and dissemination of advanced lab experiments that are closely related to current research in physics. These are first come, first serve equipment grants with a maximum of $2,000 per school. Apply now!

3. The Jonathan Reichert Foundation announced the recipients of its inaugural grant program, supporting the advanced laboratory physics association (ALPhA) immersions. This year, the Foundation funded twelve out of sixteen applications, with a total funding of about $38,000. Congratulations to the individuals and institutions who received grants for advanced labs! Read more.

6th IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics

The IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics is held every three years. The next conference will be held July 16 - 20, 2017 at the University of Birmingham (U.K.). Individuals interested in being selected member of the US delegation will need to apply. Information about the application process to be a delegate will be available later this year. Visit www.uswip.org and sites.nationalacademies.org for more info.

Physics Department Kicks off ‘Women in Physics’ Colloquium

The Wesleyan Argus reported that the Physics Department launched this semester’s colloquium with a presentation from Eugenia Etkina on the importance of engaging students in activities that reflect the actual practice of physics. The “Women in Physics” themed series will feature a wide variety of female speakers covering topics ranging from molecular physics to mapping Antarctica.

Etkina, an AAPT member, is currently directing the physics teacher preparation program; she also works in the field of Physics Education Research at Rutgers University and co-founded Investigative Science Learning Environment (ISLE). Etkina explained that the key to success it to teach students how to think like physicists through hands-on experiments. In addition, she emphasized the importance of critical thinking for all students. Read more.

APS National Mentoring Community

The American Physical Society (APS) has established the National Mentoring Community (NMC) to provide support to African American, Hispanic American, and Native American students as they navigate the path toward earning an undergraduate degree in physics. Current physics faculty (including those at community and 2-year colleges) who are already mentoring students or are interested in doing so are encouraged to become an NMC mentor today. Learn more and register on the APS website.

Computational Physics Workshop

The Partnership for the Integration of Computation into Undergraduate Physics (PICUP) would like to invite all physics faculty to the following workshop. A week-long (Monday, August 1-Friday, August 5) Faculty Development Workshop will be held on the campus of the University of Wisconsin at River Falls, to facilitate participants to develop their own computational educational materials, and to formulate a plan for implementing these materials in their upcoming courses. All local expenses will be covered for participants at the River Falls Workshop, and there may be some limited funding for round-trip travel to River Falls. See www.gopicup.org for more details on these workshops and other PICUP events.

American Modeling Teachers Association

The American Modeling Teachers Association has already more than 60 workshops planned for the summer. In the workshops, science teachers learn how to use the Modeling pedagogy in their content area. Workshops are offered in physics, 1st and 2nd semester, chemistry, biology, physical science for high school teachers (and others) and a separate workshop for middle school teachers, see attachment.
Please go to:modelinginstruction.org/ or www.phystec.org for the complete list.

Inclusive Excellence: 2017 Undergraduate Science Education Grants

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute recently announced a new competition for science education grants to colleges and universities called "Inclusive Excellence: Engaging all students in science."

Scholarship Opportunity

Do you know any high school seniors looking to major in physics? Simpson College recently received a NSF grant that will provide 15 financially needy incoming students with financial assistance ($33,600 over four years), mentorship, and research opportunities as they pursue a degree in a mathematical STEM field. For this reason, we are recruiting talented high school seniors to come to Simpson as undergraduates.

For information on the Carver Bridge to STEM Success Scholarship Program visit the following website: http://simpson.edu/carver-bridge-scholars/

If you know any students who might be interested in this opportunity, we are more than happy to discuss more over email or phone. Contact Professor Aaron Santos at aaron.santos@simpson.edu or call at 515-961-1826.

Special Short Course on Active Learning in introductory physics

Active Learning in Introductory Physics Courses: Research-Based Strategies that Improve Student Learning—July 28-30, 2016, Portland, Oregon
Designed for those who teach introductory physics at universities, colleges and high schools. Graduate credit will be available through the University of Oregon.* Instructors: Priscilla Laws, Dickinson College, David Sokoloff, University of Oregon, Ronald Thornton, Tufts University. The course fee is $200.
* Up to three graduate credits from the University of Oregon will be available for an additional $90/credit. For more information and to Register.

Physics Careers

Jobs Announcements from the Career Center

Instructor of Chemistry/Physics
Grand View University

High School Physics teacher at all-girls independent day/boarding school
The Madeira School

Upper School Physics Teacher
The Lovett School

More Physics Resources

What Does ORCID Have to do With Publishing Articles?

ORCID is an acronym which stands for “Open Researcher and Contributor ID,” designed to uniquely identify people involved in research activities. The term is used to refer to both the identifier standard (a 16-character string) as well as the organization which creates these IDs and maintains their registry.

ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognized.

Register for your ORCID identifier at orcid.org

Learn more about how ORCID works ( link to: astrobetter.com

Periscope: Looking into learning in best-practices physics classrooms

Periscope is a set of lessons centered on video episodes from best-practices physics classrooms. By watching and discussing authentic teaching events, instructors enrich their experience with noticing and interpreting student behavior and practice applying lessons learned about teaching to actual teaching situations.
Periscope is free to qualified educators at physport.org/periscope.

CERN Beamline for Schools Competition

CERN is famous for the Large Hadron Collider, but there’s much more to the laboratory than that. A large part of CERN’s research and development is carried out using fixed-target beamlines, which are used for a variety of experiments that range from investigating the inner workings of protons to probing the mysteries of antimatter. As part of the beam line for schools competition, CERN is making a fully equipped beamline available for a team of school students to run an experiment. Read more

Social Media @ AAPT

AAPT wants to connect with you on social media! Stay abreast of the latest AAPT and physics-related news. We invite you to like us, follow us, connect with us, and pin us. You can find us here:
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Section News

To list your section meeting in the AAPT Calendar of Events, e-mail the information to mgardner@aapt.org. See the December 2015 Section News.

Section Meetings

New England Section
May 20, 2016 - May 21, 2016
Spring Meeting
Thayer Academy
Braintree, MA
Email: David Sturm


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