Webinars and associated resources

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Communicating With Washington 6-18-2018
With Bethany Johns, AIP Government Relations and facilitated by Justine Boecker, AAPT - 18 June 2018
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A Journey Through the U.S. Physics Team
With Mike Winer, AIP Policy Specialist
8 May 2018, 8:00 PM ET
US Physics Team Group 2012


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Science. Policy. Power.
With Bethany Johns, AIP Policy Specialist
2 April 2018, 8:00 PM ET
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Photo Contest
High School Physics Photo Contest
With Tommi Holsenbeck
6 March 2018, 8:00 PM ET
Photo Contest Photo


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On the Shoulders of Giants: Pathways of Teacher Leaders
With Alice Flarend and Josh Underwood
22 February 2018, 8:00 PM ET
PMTL Task Force


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Computational Modeling with Pyret
With Melissa Girmscheid
25 January 2018, 8:00 PM ET
Patti White


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Teacher Leadership through the Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship
With Jill Latchana and Rebecca Vieyra
Einstein Fellows 2016


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Perusall: Engagement in Physics through Text
Featuring Dan Burns
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The Nuanced Universe: Letting Students Discover Simple Models and then Push Them to Their Limits
Featuring Peter Bohacek and Matt Vonk
wave properties PIVOT


Flipping Physics
Flipping the Physics Classroom
Featuring Thomas Palmer
Thomas Palmer Flipping Physics


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Pathways to Leadership in the AAPT
Featuring David Sokoloff, AAPT Past President


Student Research Foundation
STEM Classroom to Career: Opportunities to Close the Gap
Featuring Michael Conn, Student Research Foundation, with Patrick Mulvey of the American Institute of Physics
Ramp Students


PAEMST: The Presidential Awards for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching
Featuring AAPT-member PAEMST recipients.
Juan Botella PAEMST 1


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Teaching about Eclipses: Research-Based Resources from NASA HEC
Brad Ambrose, Janelle Bailey, Ximena Cid, Ramon Lopez, Rebecca Vieyra, & Shannon Willoughby
Eclipse Janelle


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Smartphone Physics for Sensor-Based Labs
Topical Discussion
Active Learning 1


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Lessons from Math Teachers' Circle Network: Build PLNs for STEM Educators
Brianna Donaldson, Director of Special Projects, American Institute of Mathematics
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PhysPort - Improve your Physics Instruction with Research-based Resources
Sam McKagan, PhysPort Project Director
PhysPort Front Page Cropped


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Team America Rocketry Challenge - Bringing Engineering to the Physics Classroom
Miles Lifson, TARC Program Manager
TARC Webinar


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Albert Einstein Fellowship Info Seminar
Jill Latchana, AEF Project Manager
AEF Webinar


TPT Diversity
Moses Webinar


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New Physics Teaching Resources from CK-12
Sonia Tye, CK-12 Physics Content Manager
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Interdisciplinary Lessons from The Physics Teacher Magazine
Rebecca Vieyra, AAPT K-12 Program Manager
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New Physics Teaching Resources from CK-12
Sonia Tye, CK-12 Physics Content Manager
CK-12 Webinar


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Physics Lessons from the AIP's Inside Science TV
Lalena Lancaster, Inside Science Content Specialist
Inside Science Webinar


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Broadening Conceptions about Writing in the Science Classroom
Trey Smith, Philadelphia Writing Project and Science Teacher-in-Residence at the Library of Congress
Writing Webinar


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Bootstrap: Algebraic Videogame Programming for the Physics Classroom
Emmanuel Schanzer, co-Director of Bootstrap
Bootstrap Webinar


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Technology Integration
Dolores Gende, High School Physics Teacher
Technology Integration Webinar


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Physics Classroom
Tom Henderson, Developer
Physics Classroom Webinar



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Interactive Lecture Demonstrations
David Sokoloff, author and AAPT Past
Interactive Lecture Demos Webinar


Modeling Method in Physics
Colleen Megowan-Romanowicz, AMTA past-EO
Modeling Webinar


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Free HTML5 Simulations with SimBucket
Chris Bruce, Developer
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