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The American Journal of Physics is devoted to the educational and cultural aspects of physics.

Welcome to the American Journal of Physics (AJP) Editor's website.  This website is designed to provide useful resources for contributors, reviewers, readers, and other friends of AJP.  Below is a listing of what you will find on this website.

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AJP Online: All issues of the American Journal of Physics are available online. Browsing abstracts and tables of contents of online issues use of the online search engine is unrestricted.  Member subscribers  contact AAPT's member and subscriber services at 301-209-3333 or aapt-memb@aapt.org for information concerning access. Institutional and non-member subscribers should contact subs@aip.org with requests for subscription information or to activate access.

Join AAPT: The American Journal of Physics is a publication of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT). Authors who submit manuscripts and are not members of AAPT are strongly encouraged to join the Association to receive personal access to AAPT's journals. In addition to various other professional benefits of membership, the collective support of members enhance the high quality of AJP content that is recognized the world over. Special rates are available for international members.

Emailing the AJP Editor: In general, authors should not email the Editor regarding manuscript submissions. The editorial office receives approximately 80 submissions per month and this does not leave time to respond to questions that are answered elsewhere.  A thorough reading of this website will likely answer all of your submission questions. In particular, all authors should make use of our web-based submission system.

Also, please note that it is usually inappropriate to email the Editor to complain about reviews or seek extra reviews.  In most cases the Editor will not be in a position to respond to such emails.  In most cases the reviewers know as much (or more) about the topic as the author, and at times the reviewers are those suggested by the author.  When the reviews are negative, we typically find that the reviewers have made the correct recommendation.  Often, the writing is unclear or the manuscript is too narrowly focused for AJP.  The proper procedure is to submit your work to a more appropriate journal or to revise your manuscript taking into account the reviewers' concerns, and then resubmit with a cover letter that explains the changes and any disagreements with the reviews.  However, authors should realize that if the Editor does not encourage resubmission, there is a low probability that the manuscript will be eventually accepted.

The editorial staff works hard to maintain the excellent quality of AJP and we are always interested in ways to improve the journal and this website.  If you have specific comments or suggestions on how to improve the quality of AJP, please feel free to contact us at: amjphys@gmail.com.