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For Reviewers - General Information

First and Foremost — Thank You!

The American Journal of Physics owes an enormous debt of gratitude to its committed and conscientious corps of reviewers. Your work allows us to identify potentially valuable submitted manuscripts and to provide suggestions and constructive criticism to improve them. Because of the wide scope of papers published in AJP, the relatively high level of its focus, and the diversity of its audience, you are given the difficult, but also, we hope, unusually rewarding task of evaluating articles not merely for their technical correctness, but also for their genuine interest and usefulness.
We recognize our reviewers periodically in print, by name and en masse, but we can never prominently or often enough thank you for everything you do on behalf of AJP and its community.

Becoming an AJP Reviewer

Create an account at You’ll be asked to enter your teaching and research specialties, and when they match our needs for reviewing a manuscript, you’ll hear from us!

Updating Your Reviewer Account

Our new manuscript system, Peer X-Press (PXP) is set up to keep track of both teaching and research expertise, so that we can match our review requests to your interests. If the most recent update to your AJP reviewer database was prior to March 2021, please visit Your account ID will normally be your email address. You may need to use “forgot my password” to login. Once you've logged in, click on the option "General Tasks" and select the link "Modify Profile/Password" to update your areas of expertise.

How Editors Choose Reviewers (Why Did We Ask You?)

Since we want papers to be both technically correct and broadly interesting, you may receive papers both within and outside of your area(s) of specialty. We'll normally look first for reviewers who are already on our reviewer list, but we also search the internet to find reviewers with particular teaching or research expertise.

We try not to ask you to review more than 2 manuscripts per year. If we send you too many, feel free to decline the request, and if you’re willing to review more, please email us! (