Frederick Reif - Obituary

August 12, 2019

Frederick Reif, emeritus professor in Physics and Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, died on August 11th, 2019. He was 92.

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Elisha Huggins - Obituary

June 18, 2019

Elisha (Lish) Huggins passed away on June 18 at the age of 85. Huggins was an undergraduate at MIT and received his Ph.D. degree at Caltech under Richard Feynman in 1962.

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Barbara Lotze - Obituary

January 28, 2019

Born January 4, 1924 in Mezokovesd, Hungary, Barbara Lotze, passed away January 17, 2019.

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David Keeports - Obituary

December 31, 2018

David Keeports passed away in December 2019 from complications of Parkinson's disease. Dave had a long career as a physics professor at Mills College in Oakland, California.

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Greg Puskar - Obituary

November 19, 2018

Gregory Paul Puskar, 62, of Morgantown, passed away October 23, 2018 at UPMC Montefiore Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA.

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