Committee Members

Thomas Herring, Vice Chair (Term ending after WM2021)

Bob Brazzle (Term ending after WM2021)

Michael Butros (Term ending after WM2022)

Kristine Lui (Term ending after WM2021)

Gregory Mulder (Term ending after WM2021)

Sherry L. Savrda (Term ending after WM2022)

Robert C. Hilborn, Ex Officio

Arlisa L. Richardson, Ex Officio

Rachel Sweeney, Staff Liaison

Past Chairs

Thomas Carter, PhD (2018)

Gregory Mulder (2019)

Nathan Quarderer (2020)



1. Provide a common meeting ground and opportunities for communication for two-year college teachers of physics and astronomy.

2. Explore topics of professional concern to two-year college teachers, including the framework of conditions and extra-classroom activities that affect the teacher and educational process.

3. Cooperate with the High School and Professional Concerns

4. Committees on professional topics of mutual concern.

5. Cooperate with the Undergraduate Education Committee on courses and curricula and on matters related to articulation for students transferring between institutions.

6. Make recommendations, through the Review Board and Executive Board, to the AAPT Council and membership, for activities that would be helpful to physics education and physics teachers.