This page will be updated periodically with important information about the 2022 F=ma exam, USAPhO exam, and the U.S. Physics Team training camp.


Congratulations to Team USA!

The U.S. Physics Team won 3 Gold, and 2 Silver medals at the Virtual IPhO. You can read the Press Release at this LINK.

The Closing Ceremony for the IPhO is available at this LINK.


The Opening Ceremony for the 2022 Virtual IPhO will be released Sunday, July 10 at 11:00 UTC+2 (Swiss time) on the IPhO22 youtube channel:


U. S. Physics Team 2022 IPhO Representatives Press Release


U.S. Physics Team Press Release


Meet the 2022 U.S. Physics Team Members, and the 2022 U.S. Physics Team Coaches.


2022 U.S. Physics Olympiad Medal Ranking List.  

2022 U.S. Physics Olympiad Qualifier List.

Certificates will be emailed to the teachers/proctors for the USAPhO exam.


2022 USAPhO Exam & 2022 USAPhO Exam Solutions.  We will post the list of Qualifiers and Medal Ranking list, hopefully by May 11th.


Please Note: On March 23rd we sent an email  to the teachers/proctors of the students who have qualified to move on to the USAPhO exam.  Teachers were provided a link to a student survey that students will need to complete by April 5th in order to take the USAPhO exam.  Students should check with their teachers if they have not received this information.


Statement Regarding the 2022 International Physics Olympiad

AAPT has made the decision to not participate in the 2022 International Physics Olympiad that is being hosted by Belarus. While we do plan on conducting the U.S. Physics Team Training camp, we will not be participating in the international competition. The training camp will take place June 6-17, 2022.


You can find the statistics/results for the 2022 F=ma exams at this LINK. Teachers/proctors will receive an email today with a link to check their individual student scores.


The grading of the two F=ma exams has been completed, statistics/results will be posted next week.

The qualifying score to move on to the USAPhO exam is 15 and above for both exams.  Individual student scores will be emailed to the exam proctors.


Solutions for the F=ma exams are now available:

F=ma Exam A (February 9) solutions are at this LINK
F=ma Exam B (February 15) solutions are at this LINK

Student scores are still being compiled, they will be available soon and will be emailed to the exam proctors.

Once scoring is complete, we will post the results and the cutoff scores to qualify for the USAPhO exam. The teachers/proctors who have student(s) that qualify to take the USAPhO exam will be receiving an email informing them which of their student(s) have qualified.

Please note that the date for the USAPhO exam is April 12, 2022.


AAPT would like to welcome Tengiz Bibilashvili, Teaching Professor at UC Santa Barbara, as the new Academic Director for the U.S. Physics Team. Read the AAPT Press Release.


Details for the 2022 F=ma exam are still being worked out. We will be returning to the standard exam procedures, the exam will be expected to be conducted within a classroom setting, or proctored by an approved proctor.

Registration for the F=ma exam will open mid-November.  Please stay tuned to this page for additional updates.