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AAPT Dependent Care and Accessibility Grants (the application period is closed)

AAPT has small grants of up to $500 available for AAPT national meeting attendees who are bringing children to a national meeting or who incur extra expenses in leaving their children at home (i.e., extra daycare or babysitting services) in order to attend a national meeting. In addition, small grants up to $500 are available to national meeting attendees who are responsible for dependent care (elderly parents, adult children with disabilities, etc) or need accessibility assistance at the meeting because of a disability.

The application deadline has been extended to November 11, 2022. In the event that the number of requests for grants exceeds the funding available, preference will be given to applicants in the early stages of their careers and to those whose participation in the meeting is critical to their professional development.  As a secondary criterion, preference will be given to applicants who explain clearly why a grant to support childcare, dependent care, or their own assistance is necessary. Furthermore, preference will be given to those who have not received funding within the last year. Previous grant recipients are eligible to reapply.  Applicants must be registered for the 2023 Winter Meeting in order to receive an award.

Allowable Expenses

  • Daycare expenses at the site of the meeting.
  • Extra daycare expenses at home incurred because the primary caregiver was attending the meeting (for example, overtime at a daycare center, cost of a sitter, etc.).
  • Expenses incurred in bringing a sitter (or family member acting as caregiver) to the meeting or to your home to care for a child or adult.
  • Expenses incurred in bringing a child or adult to a sitter/family member/care facility.
  • Expenses incurred by the national meeting attendee with disabilities to bring a family member/caregiver to the meeting to assist the attendee or to make the meeting more accessible.

Not allowable

Meeting attendee’s mileage and travel expenses to and from the AAPT meeting or tickets to local museums, amusement parks, etc.

Dependent Care and Accessibility Grant Selection Committee

Chair of the Area Committee on Women in Physics (or designee) - Chair
Chair of the Area Committee on Professional Concerns (or designee)
Chair of the Area Committee on Research in Physics Education (or designee)
AAPT Director of the Department of Programs and Conferences, ex officio
AAPT Executive Officer, ex officio

Contact Information
Please contact AAPT Programs & Conferences:
Phone: 301.209.3340
Fax: 301.209.0845
Email: programs@aapt.org

The deadline date is November 11, 2022. Click here to submit an application. 

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