History of AAPT — Lotze Endowment

Barbara LotzeIn 1990 Barbara Lotze initiated discussions regarding an endowment intended to support the improvement of physics teaching. The Barbara Lotze Sponsored Scholarship for Future Teachers was administered by the Executive Board during the early 1990s. At a signing ceremony during the Spokane meeting (1995) of the Executive Board, Lotze presented the final documents that establish the Barbara Lotze Endowment for the Advancement of Physics Education in the United States.

The Endowment documents set forth the manner in which the Endowment is administered by the Executive Board and establish guidelines for the use of Endowment proceeds "to advance physics teaching and learning opportunities by encouraging undergraduate students to prepare for and commit to careers in teaching high school physics and by other programs and activities." The Executive Board gratefully accepted the Endowment, confident that it will make a significant contribution to the continuing improvement of physics teaching.