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SM13 "Scratch and Win" Tickets and Team-based Clickers in Introductory Physics
SM13 A New Spinning Coil for Measuring the Earth's Magnetic Field
SM13 An Accretion Model for a Falling Raindrop
SM13 Comprehensive Model for Meaningful STEM Integration in the Physics Classroom
SM13 Creatively Engaged Online: Student-Generated Content in a Non-Majors Introductory Course
SM13 Developing Scientific Reasoning in Pre-HS Education Majors by Eliminating Possibilities
SM13 Energizing Physics: Results from a 2-year Pilot Project
SM13 Improving Recruitment and Retention in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences*
SM13 Introductory Physics in Biological Context
SM13 PhET's Future: Enhanced Teacher Resources, HTML5, and Touch!
SM13 Progress in Easy-to-Use 3D Programming Environments
SM13 Similar Density Questions with Very Different Results
SM13 Thermally Induced Structural Change Measured by Holographic Non-Destructive Testing
SM13 Twin Paradox? There Is No Twin Paradox! (Really!)
WM14 A Simple LED Light Source for Multiple Online Experiments
WM14 An Electricity and Magnetism Problem-based Learning Experience Using Tablets
WM14 Applying the Correspondence Principle to the Three-Dimensional Rigid Rotor
WM14 Balls Rolling in Cones: New-ish Examples of Learning-by-Contrast
WM14 Dealing with Climate Myths
WM14 Evaluation of the NGSS' Support of Large-scale Assessment
WM14 Exploring Technology-Enhanced Active Learning in Physics Teacher Education
WM14 Hybrid Visual-Tutorial Instruction Model to Learn the Concept of Density
WM14 Investigating the Impact of Clicker-Enhanced Pedagogy in a Secondary Physics Methods Course
WM14 Misconceptions in Wave Propagation and the Principle of Superposition: A Short Study of High School Level Understanding
WM14 Models and Perspectives of International Student Exchanges in Teacher Education
WM14 Online Inquiry-based Physics Content and Pedagogy for the Enhancement of Science Teacher Development: Elementary and Middle Grades
WM14 Preparing Graduate Students for Non-Academic Careers
WM14 Preservice Teachers' Knowledge of Women's Contributions to Physics
WM14 Solar Cookers, a Multiple-topic Apparatus for Lifelong Learning
WM14 Standards and Practice of Teacher Preparation in Germany and USA
WM14 Stratospheric Thermal Wake Investigation
WM14 Studio Physics for Life-Science Majors at Boston University
WM14 The Spirit of SBG
WM14 Transfering from Red Rocks to Mines
WM14 Undergraduates Creating a High Performance Computer Cluster
WM14 Using 3D Game Engines to Overcome Naive Concepts of Motion
WM14 Using Research to Investigate and Enhance Learning in Upper-division Mechanics
WM14 Video Capture and Analysis Projects to Engage Students
WM14 What Frame of Reference Is Your Smartphone Accelerometer In?
WM14 Whiteboarding and Multiple Representations to Improve Understanding: AP Physics 1 & 2
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