Optics Collection

Optics Collection: Resources developed in coordination with The Optical Society (OSA)

Color Science Collection Cover

Color Science Collection    
Digi Kit Available

Glowstick Science Cover
Glowstick Science    
Mix fluorescent liquid from glowsticks to model the addition of light.

Candy Science
Candy Science    
Attempt to sort colored candies under single-colored light, and learn about color by subtraction.

Jelly Filter Science Cover
Jelly Filters Science    
Use colored "Jell-O" to create filters for predicting how projected images will look when viewed through them.

Lens Science Collection Cover

Lens Science Collection    
Digi Kit Available

Water Pearl Science Cover
Water Pearl Science    
Observe images produced through hydrophyllic spheres of different sizes and shapes.

Gelatin Lens Science Cover
Gelatin Lens Science    
Use clear gelatin to construct convex and concave lenses to observe their influence on light rays.

Rainbow Science Cover
Rainbow Science     Digi-Kit not yet Available
Using a diffraction grating, determine what makes up white light.

Polarizer Science Cover
Polarizer Science     Digi-Kit not yet Available
Observe the effect of polarizers on light, and draw connections to animals that can perceive polarized light.

Thermopaper Science Cover
Thermopaper Science     Digi-Kit not yet Available
Observe selective reflectivity of thermopaper as the temperature is changed.

Flex Mirror Science Cover
Flex Mirror Science     Digi-Kit not yet Available
Use a flexible piece of mirror paper or Mylar to change the shape of a mirror and observe changes in the image produced.

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