Nominations and Elections

The AAPT Nominating Committee strongly encourages interested AAPT members to submit a nomination for any Board of Directors or Area Committee position at any time during the year. More information about the positions and their terms is listed below.

Nomination Process

AAPT members simply contact any member of the Nominating Committee at any point during the year. Nominations received in the spring and early summer will be considered for the upcoming year. Nominations are accepted year-round for all positions.

The Nominating Committee will contact each nominee to outline the scope of the responsibilities of the position for which they have been nominated and to obtain an up-to-date resume.

Nominations received after recommendations have been submitted to the Board of Directors will be considered by the following year’s Nominations Committee.

Board of Directors Positions

Elections for vacant positions are held annually September - November for terms beginning at the conclusion of the next winter meeting. The positions are:

  1. Vice President. Serves four years; successive one-year terms as Vice President, President-Elect, President, and Past President. Elected annually.
  2. Secretary. Serves two years with a maximum of three consecutive terms. Election alternates with Treasurer.
  3. Treasurer. Serves two years with a maximum of three consecutive terms. Election alternates with Secretary.
  4. Member-at-Large. Serves three years with no consecutive terms. Election rotates annually among High School Representative, Two-Year College Representative, and Four-Year College and University Representative.

Nominations for future Board of Directors positions are accepted year-round and will remain active until the next scheduled election for that position.

Area Committee Positions

Three members will be appointed to each of the Association's Area Committees (below) annually. Candidates must be AAPT members and must be willing to attend at least four of the six national winter and summer meetings during their three-year term.

If you have a particular area of interest in physics education and are willing to attend the national meetings, you may want to consider nominating yourself. Please assist us in appointing a fair representation of the entire membership. Nominate candidates from your geographic location and/or those who represent your area of interest in physics education.